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Pompeii - Vesuvius

6/8 hours
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€ 299,00

The tour will take you to discover the beauties of ancient Pompeii and the charm Vesuvius.

In Pompeii, the tour takes about two hours. It is by far the most impressive archaeological site on the peninsula and the one that stands among the first in terms of number of visitors. The expanse of ruins of a locked city in the year 79 by the eruption of Vesuvius is capable of winning over everyone who visits.


  • Vehicle
  • Driver
  • Parking Pompeii and Vesuvius
  • Toll and petrol

Not Included

  • Entrance ticket for Pompeii (Ticket for Pompeii costs € 15)
  • Children under 18 will not pay the entrance in Pompeii (Identity document needed)
  • Lunch, meals & drinks

From the entrance of Porta Marina, you can visit the Antiquarium, which exhibits various materials, including casts of Pompeii in the eruption died. To these are added other important buildings: the Temple of Vespasian, Diomede Villa, the famous Villa of the Mysteries, the house of the faun, the great and small theater, the amphitheater and much more.

The private tour continues to Vesuvius. If you do not suffer from vertigo and have no fear high altitudes, if you're brave, fit and looking for breathtaking emotions, then this route is made just for you

The tour, in fact, part of the time of Vesuvius. Vesuvius is a typical example of the volcano "a fence", consists of two overlapping volcanoes, which date back to different eras.

To get to the top of the crater, you have to walk on foot for half an hour, because the parking lot is located 1000 meters from the place. Along the way you will see that, despite the destruction made by the eruptions, the slopes of Vesuvius are thickly grown thanks to the fertility of the soil, in fact, the dominant impression to the landscape comes from the vine. By the Vesuvius Observatory, the view of the coast and the sea is immense and marvelous, extending from the Gulf of Gaeta to the Sorrento Peninsula and Capri. Traveled, however, a marked trail on waste, lapilli, sands and the ashes that are for the most part the cone, you can see that from the rim crater which overlooks the wide chasm from vertical sides where the spectacle, unique in its typically, it is impressive.

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